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Christie Harkin

Professional Editor & 
Media Communications Specialist

If you have words that need a bit of management or ideas that need to be put into words in the first place, you have come to the right spot.

In my past life, I was a teacher and bookseller. I was also the children's book editor and publisher at Fitzhenry & Whiteside and at James Lorimer & Co., and consultant editor and co-founder of Clockwise Press. 

Most recently, I’ve been the managing editor at two online news sites focusing on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Now, I wear several hats: consultant publisher, freelance editor, and communications specialist. 

How can I help you?

About Me

About Me
Revision & Proofreading
Media Content Direction
Communications Consulting

Revision & Proofreading

Welcome, Writers!

Writing is hard work - I know! And I can help you make your work the very best it can be.

Writing an Essay, News Article, or Feature Story?

Contact me to discuss how I can help you to make sure your piece is polished and accurate before you submit it.

Writing a Book?

Whether you are intending to send your manuscript to an editor or an agent, or if you are planning to publish it yourself, a professional edit will give your work the best possible chance at success.

Media Content Direction

Is your company creating a news site or  information-based blog? I can help to:

  • recruit writers

  • assign topics

  • generate leads and story ideas

  • edit stories and posts

  • ensure that the content on your site will represent your company ethos and vision

  • attract readers and enhance your site's SEO 

Communications Consulting

Effective communication is clear, concise, and error-free. Before you send out that flyer, advertisement, press release, blog post or article, get it edited for style and clarity.

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A Few of My Clients

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Fill out the contact form below and let me know a bit about your project.

Thanks for submitting!

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